Configuring Services

Most services have run files which include options for configuration. These options can be set via a conf file in the service directory. This allows service customisation without modifying the service directory provided by the relevant package.

To make more complex customisations than provided by default, edit the service.

Editing services

To edit a service, first duplicate its service directory under a different name:

# cp -aR /etc/sv/service_name /etc/sv/service_name_edited

The contents of the duplicated directory can then be edited as needed, for example, by using vi(1):

# vi /etc/sv/service_name_edited

After editing, the old service should then be stopped, disabled and replaced with the new one:

# sv down service_name
# rm /var/service/service_name
# ln -s /etc/sv/service_name_edited /var/service/