Submitting Changes

Proposed changes should be submitted as pull requests to the void-docs repository on GitHub. Please note that, unlike a wiki, submissions will be reviewed before they are merged. If any changes are required they will need to be made before the pull request is accepted. This process is in place to ensure the quality and standards of the Handbook are sustained.


To clone the repository and push changes, git(1) is required. It can be installed via the git package.

Building the Handbook locally requires mdBook, which can be installed via the mdBook package.


To fork the repository a GitHub account is needed. Once you have an account, follow GitHub's guide on setting up a fork.

Clone the repository onto your computer, enter it, and create a new branch:

$ git clone<your_username>/void-docs.git
$ cd void-docs
$ git checkout -b <branch_name>

You can then edit the repository files as appropriate. To serve the docs locally and view your changes, run mdbook serve from the root of the repository.

Once you are satisfied with your changes, commit them and push them to the forked repository:

$ git add <edited_file(s)>
$ git commit -m "<commit_message>"
$ git push --set-upstream origin <branch_name>

The commit message should be in the form <filename>: <description_of_changes>.

Pull requests should only contain a single commit. If a change is made after the initial commit, git add the changed files and then run git commit --amend. The updated commit will need to be force-pushed: git push --force.

If multiple commits are made they will need to be squashed into a single commit with git rebase -i HEAD~X, where X is the number of commits that need to be squashed. An editor will appear to choose which commits to squash. A second editor will appear to choose the commit message. See git-rebase(1) for more information. The updated commit will need to be force-pushed: git push --force.