Install the dbus package, ensure the dbus service is enabled, and reboot for the changes to take effect.


Install the gnome package for a GNOME environment which includes GNOME applications.

A minimal GNOME environment can be created by installing the mesa-dri, gnome-session, gdm and adwaita-icon-theme packages. (Note, however, that not all GNOME features may be present or functional.)

The gdm package provides the gdm service for the GNOME Display Manager; test the service before enabling it. GDM defaults to providing a Wayland session via the mutter window manager, but an X session can be chosen instead.

If you wish to start an X-based GNOME session from the console, use startx to run gnome-session.

GNOME applications can be installed via the gnome-apps package.

If you require ZeroConf support, install the avahi package and enable the avahi-daemon service.